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Xeric Garden

Click to Visit East coast's largest xeric garden: Water wise gardening at its best! Low or no maintenance with color and texture year around.

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America's Bamboo Garden

Click to Visit America's finest collection and largest bamboo garden, where science and aesthetics meet, from a 50 island maze in a large lake, each island with a different bamboo, to soaring groves on the sides of The Mountain, there are many acres of rare and special experiences to be enjoyed.

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Lakes Galore to Adore

Click to Visit Water is key to life - and beautiful as well. The lakes, with over 50 islands, have many varieties of fish which support many birds, from the Bald eagle to Cormorants, great blue herons and many of our smaller feathered friends, not to mention a large selection of geese and ducks, 5 miles of shores, and warm shallow water and cold deep springs.

2015 was the 65th anniversary of the first shovel of dirt moved and the first plants started.